What a long, strange trip it's been...

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Sage Autumn
20 July 1976
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I'm wonderful, nifty, and unique. How're you?

Edited 2008: Let's see... I still write the way I talk, I just don't write very much anymore. I do read my friendslist, and even comment in them too! And I'm always looking for a newadd that I think I'll enjoy. I'm still a big girl. I still like the idea of sex, on an discussion level at least. I married that big black man in October of 05, and though there are some large exceptions to this next statement... it's going well enough.

Be warned that I write the way I talk. (Which means I use TONS of emphasis, three dot dealies, commas and parenthasis.) If you're going for grammer--this ain't the spot, I speak too with too much of a Southern accent/dialect for that to happen. (At least not and be true to my tone.) Oh, and I don't take much time with spelling--it's almost always close enough to figure out, and yet very often wrong. I'm okay with this. If you aren't, well... hrm... dunno what to tell ya. Also, it helps if you read everything with a slight Southern accent. (Oh, and if something doesn't make sense, toss in some sarcasm.)

I'm 27 (as of July, '03), white, single but spoken for.

I _am_ a big girl, and pretty much unapologetic for it (if I'm going to apologize, there're so many better things to apologize for).

I don't think I'm particularly hedonistic, but realize I seem to posses a certain moral ambiguity when it comes to intimate matters--in other words, if he has a preferance toward something, there's not much I won't try. Or if she does, come to think of it. (However, I do find 'dead people' a very good line to stand firm on, don't you?)

I like sex, and am very unapologetic about that. (It's one of the great joys in life!) I'm also rather open about it, so there's that. I quite happily belong to a large, older (43), glorious chocolate toned man. (Don't take 'belong' too literal, no slave/master kink, to myself I'm just simply 'his'.) Betwixt the two of us there're age questions, racial questions, questions questions... =) and yet, overall it's allll sorts of good.

Come, join the fun. =) Learn way too much about me in odd ways you'd never think you wanted to know about--and still might not. Seriously, I don't know if I'm intresting---but I'm not unusually boring.
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